on a whim…

I saw some information here the other day about a a cleansing whole food online workshop – the 30 Day Vegan. The workshop is run by Heather from Beauty that Moves. I thought it looked interesting. I do not want to be a vegan, but when I read the information about the workshop, a lot of things resonated with me and I just loved Heather’s kind and flexible attitude. But then I got distracted, my day flowed on and I forgot about it.

At 4.45pm today, while I was sitting at my desk at work getting ready to wind down for the day, the workshop popped into my head for some strange reason. I went back and followed the links. I read the information again. I called Prince Charming at work and began reeling off the benefits of the workshop while he himself was trying to get organised to come home. I got in my car and drove home. I turned on the computer. I followed the links again and on a whim clicked… ‘add to cart’. All that happened within forty-five minutes. And here I am!

As you know, I have just welcomed yoga back into my life. I have recently finished breastfeeding. I really feel like this is the time for me to re-group, re-ground and re-connect.

To enter Spring fresh and abundant and new.

And now I’m nervous!


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