a play dough kind of day

I made play dough for the first time the other day. It wasn’t amazing, and I only had wholemeal flour which is why it is a tad on the lumpy side. But no one here seemed to notice the disfigurements and we had a dandy time. For about three minutes. Now the play dough is in the fridge… apparently it will last in there for a few months!

Here is the recipe I used… (please note, this recipe in full would make HEAPS. I used half the quantities and it made… HEAPS. Enough for three children I would think, but then again, I only have one, so I don’t really know for sure):

Mix together and dissolve:

3 cups salt, 2 tbs cream of tartar, 6 cups boiling water, food dye of your choice.

Add half a cup of oil plus 6 cups of flour and mix.

Hopefully it will entertain your child longer than the three minutes we had here. I think it is a bit beyond our 16 months. Will try again in a while!

P.S. Please note my vintage sheets drying in the background for the vintage sheet fat quarter swap!!


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