stuff people say

This parenting biz really is another kettle of fish. I was reminiscing yesterday about pregnancy with a pregnant colleague, and it got me thinking about how antsy people were when I was still pregnant after my “due date” (despite it being a first pregnancy which is usually more around the 41 week mark, etc, etc, etc). I vow to be incredibly vague next time about when the baby is ‘meant’ to arrive. I had messages flying in on facebook, texts bipping on my phone, all along the lines of ‘hurry up’ or ‘when is this baby coming out already?’ย Yes, the hoards were excited, first baby in the family and all, and for that I will be forever grateful. But the messages and comments really didn’t do much for a first-mother-to-be’s tender nerves.

I know everyone generally means well. However I’m just starting to realise that those comments and bits of advice and random thoughts that should probably be kept to oneself were just the beginning.

Baby is now 16 months old and the term ‘Baby’ hardly seems fitting anymore. Nevertheless, she is not walking yet. My general philosophy about all milestones is that it will happen when she is good and ready, just like she came into this world when she was good and ready. She is a healthy, happy, well rounded little bub, who has plenty of words and sounds, a budding personality and is overall probably the most amazing baby in the world.

I was at a meeting yesterday with someone I have never met before. Chit chat turned to family as it sometimes does and the conversation went a little like this:

Lady: So your baby is running around then at 16 months?

Me: Oh no, not yet. Walking around the furniture and so on, so I guess it’s not far off!

Lady: [furrowed brow and expression drowned in pity and concern] Oh, really! She was a premmie baby, then?

Me: Uh, nope.

Lady: [furrowed brow almost swallowing eyes and head tilted in confusion and shock that it is even possible to have a 16 month old non-prem baby who is not walking] Oh… Hmm, well I’m sure everything will be fine…

Me: Yeah… so about the project [etc, etc]

This particular person was an innocent-childless and really didn’t mean any harm, but it really is amazing what people come out with, no?


5 thoughts on “stuff people say

  1. My favourites: “You’re not still breastfeeding that baby?”, “You know if you let them [insert parenting task here], you’re really creating a rod for you own back.” and “So where are your children today?”. I could go on.

  2. Babies all do things in their own time. I keep getting asked by relatives if mine is crawling yet. It seems everyone is in such a rush to see them grow up, but they will when they are ready. As for the last weeks of pregnancy (which was 39 weeks) I honestly wanted to shut myself inside the house to not have to answer as to why I was still “here”!

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