some things you wouldn’t know

I read a lot of blogs. It’s interesting, the perspective of someone you get from their words and pictures displayed on the screen. I’ve been amazed actually, at the sense of community that can be felt between blogs, despite never meeting or seeing people in the real world. I’ve seen a few other bloggers do a post similar to this, and I have really enjoyed reading them. So here are some things you probably don’t know about me, just from reading this blog…

:: I have a weird superstition about leaving shoes the right way around even when you take them off. When I was in Year 8 (12 years old) a girl in my class told me it was bad luck in Egypt to leave your shoes around the wrong way. Even though I don’t believe her, I have been compelled to leave my shoes the right way around ever since.

:: I hate… and I mean HATE brussell sprouts. I have never found another vegetable or food that disgusts my taste buds as much as those little buggers.

:: I’m frightened of flying in planes. I had a terrible flight from London to Frankfurt in 2004 and have never been able to get over my fear since.

:: I have a birthmark on my bum.

:: I have a really overactive imagination. Really. For example when we were painting we pulled the downlights out of the ceiling and a piece of string half fell out of the hole. At the same time as Prince Charming was saying “Oh look, a piece of string.” I was saying, “Oh look, a witch died in our roof and a bit of her stringy white hair is hanging out the hole.”

:: I love m&ms and mint flavoured icemagic (separately). I can’t, nor do I try to, resist either and eat them both at any and every opportunity I get.

:: I lived in London for 18 months in 2004/05 which is where Prince Charming became my Prince Charming and chips in a cone with mayonnaise and tomato sauce, my addiction.

:: No matter how hard I try, I am a monster in the mornings. Although… you might already know that if you read this.

:: I believe in bigger things – not necessarily “God” but other realms and spirit.

:: I have a strange and slightly embarrassing affinity for American teen shows – Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl to name but two.

:: My favourite colour is green.

:: I have university qualifications in Disability Studies and Professional Writing.

:: I can’t go to the library and just borrow one book. Even if I know I don’t have time to read them, I will always leave with at least three.

:: Nothing makes me happier than being at home with my little family and making things. Anything! Oh and drinking coffee.



2 thoughts on “some things you wouldn’t know

  1. Oh god, the library thing. Same. And when I was little I read a book on superstitions. One entry said if you look in the mirror and no reflection appears, DEATH IS CERTAIN. I have been terrified to look at mirrors in the dark ever since…

    • That would have totally stuck around in my mind forever too. The crack in the pavement one always gets me too. And someone once told me it’s bad luck to stand on a drain. Gah!

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