Re-introducing Yoga

After Term Two, my beloved yoga teacher Lisa from the Bhava Centre had to move on to teach yoga closer to her home. Her new classes were at different times, on different days and now also half an hour from my house instead of fifteen minutes. It doesn’t seem like much of a difference, but it really took me out of my groove, and as such I didn’t go to yoga for almost three months. Until this week!

My naturopath has been encouraging me to try some yoga sessions that are run at the clinic. It has been so hard to take the plunge to try yoga with another teacher. I really jumped in the deep end though, because not only did I try a new yoga class this week at a different venue, but I also tried a completely new (to me) type of yoga – Kundalini Yoga.

To take some words from the Kundalini Australia website:

Kundalini Yoga is for everyone and is one of the most transformative yoga practices today. It is based on a set of exercises that is designed specifically to target certain areas of your body in order to strengthen them and help them release toxins. 

Kundalini Yoga also happens to be the type of yoga practiced in the wonderful book Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful which was my absolute favourite book during pregnancy. It certainly was a different experience to the yoga I am used to, predominantly Hatha, but it was a really great experience. The breathing is a lot quicker, the movements fast and strong, my whole body was buzzing with energy.

I was a bit intimidated at first as the only other student in the class was the teacher from the previous yoga class, and there was a lot of chanting! But I felt very welcomed in the space and quickly got over any nervousness I felt once we were in the flow of the kriyas or ‘sets’. I would definitely recommend giving it a go, particularly at this time of year when Spring is near and you might feel like you are in need of an energy boost, or thinking about the things that you want to leave behind with the Winter season. It was very revitalising and refreshing.

I feel so lucky right now as circumstances have also come together in other areas of my life and one of my lovely sisters was able to look after Baby on Friday morning while I went to Lisa’s new class for the first time. It was so lovely to see her after so many months, and the new space she is working in is just beautiful. As the most practical option for me out of Lisa’s classes is Friday mornings, it has been difficult to be able to get there due to Baby’s morning sleep. Now, however she is having a middle-of-the-day sleep only, and my sister has a morning off uni and happens to live in walking distance to the studio in which Lisa’s class is held. It was so lovely to have a ten minute walk before and after the hour and a half class.

I think the combination of Kundalini and Hatha is really going to work for me. I’m so happy to be back in the yoga groove!


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