playing… OUTSIDE

Wow. We have had a couple of freaky days here in Melbourne, with very warm and sunny weather in the middle of Winter. As much as I absolutely adore Winter, it has been SO nice to have the sun shining on our faces and warming us to the core. I realised how much we have been cooped up in the house – I have been a major wimp when it comes to heading outside in the cold, wet weather. I didn’t realise, but now the sun is shining I think I have been really lack in motivation. Prior to the other day, the skies have been grey and moody, and the heater all too welcoming.

Nevertheless, we have spent a great deal of the last couple of days outside, soaking up the vitamin D. This morning I put some water in a terracotta bowl we have outside – it was an endless source of fun for Baby. A great idea for when the weather is warm enough. It all started off rather subdued… and then she got the hang of it and a complete outfit change was necessary. I hung out the washing while she played – and could not stop laughing at her discoveries along the way. Try it out! You’ll see!


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