Sickety, Sickety, Blah

The other day I wrote a happy-go-lucky post about surviving a sick day with baby. With a cheerful ‘you can do it’ type attitude.

The tummy bug I had then is over and today I’m facing Day Five trapped in my house with tonsilitis and/or an unknown coughy-sore-throaty-headachey-type-virus (the doc couldn’t make up his mind). Bleugh. I’m what the younger generation might describe as a hater right now.

Yesterday the hoards ran as they saw me leave the house momentarily, all squinty eyed, hand shading my face from the sun, hair frizzy and bird-nested around my face. They looked on in horror as I limped my sorry self into the library to pick up a book I had on reserve while my lovely aunty had Baby over for a play-date. They hid behind shelves and headed for the nearest exit sign as I lingered and hovered around the books, trying to peek through my furrowed brow to find a few more I might like to take home. C’mon people, I even took my trackies off and put jeans on for that outing! The least they could have done was throw me a smile.

But, there’s no need to dwell on such things, no need to fear. I am, afterall, still me underneath my current guise as sick-cranky-squinty-eyed-lady. Me being the generally good natured mama who likes to play with her baby, make pretty things, cook delicious food, talk to people, pick flowers, sit outside in the hammock, sing and dance around the house, drink coffee, light millions of tealights and generally have a good time.

Well, we’re out of tealights.

I have worked my way through my own list of things to do when you’re stuck at home a million times over and now I’m bored. Baby is bored. The dogs are bored. Heck, even the rabbits are bored. We’re all bored!

Woops, there I go again. What I meant to say was, it seems we have exhausted our supply of fun and happy things to do that make us all feel better. And we’ve made a mess. So today, I am going to do a few things, including:

:: Make myself a cup of honey and lemon tea – now.

:: Take Baby to the park, no matter if I have to shuffle there – or even if I have to drive! We are going.

:: Bake a loaf of bread.

:: Put some folded clothes away, enough to clear a path to the main rooms of the house, at least.

:: Hide ‘Where’s Spot’ – immediately.

:: Paste a smile on my face, order the wind to change, and look forward to the weekend!

Happy Friday everyone! (that was from Me, not sick-cranky-squinty-eyed-lady). Ta-ta!


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