And the birdie said, “tweet, tweet!”

You may have noticed in my post about sewing again earlier last week, that I posted a picture of a tote bag with a little label inside… birdie said.

I have documented on this blog over the last twelve months my initial desire to sew, and then realising that 1. I could do it (which came as a surprise, believe me) and 2. I LOVED it! This has slowly blossomed into a passion for all things craft, but most of all creating things with my sewing machine, and also the adventure, the hunt and the environmental benefits of using upcycled, vintage and thrifted fabrics to do it.

I started off by making presents for people, and ever so slowly, bit by bit, I have created a little etsy shop called birdie said.

Baby’s first word was ‘bird’. She loves birds and other animals, and is mesmerised when we see a little birdie hopping by. For a few months, when ‘bird’ was her only means of conversation, we spoke a lot about them, as you can imagine. Every second phrase coming out of my mouth seemed to be ‘Oh, look! Another bird! The birdie said, “Tweet, tweet!”‘

And so emerged ‘birdie said’. Named after my little girl and her love of all things bird.

If you’re interested… you can also find birdie said on facebook. I would love a little ‘like’!


4 thoughts on “And the birdie said, “tweet, tweet!”

  1. Hi! I’ve had a nice time visiting your blog 🙂 Thanks for your lovely comment and I’m looking forward to reading more. Congratulations on the shop too xo

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