How to Survive a Sick Day with Baby

I seem to have caught a strange tummy bug that my sister, my mum and Prince Charming have all had over the last few weeks. I’ve had nearly twenty-four hours of feeling very nauseous, with no other symptoms. It’s very strange!

Pre-baby I’d have been able to curl up on the couch with the heater on, watch DVDs all day and generally feel sorry for myself.

Not anymore.

Being sick and looking after little one(s) can be so tiring, and it can make it harder to get over whatever you’ve got. Here are some of the strategies I use to get through sick days, home alone with Baby…

:: Drink lots of water, and take the time to put the kettle on and make a cup of tea (whatever type of tea will be best for whatever type of illness you have).

:: Take vitamin c three times a day if appropriate. For sore throats and colds we also make a ‘shot’ courtesy of our lovely friendΒ Sophie which includes:

1 tbs manuka honey

1 tbs apple cider vinegar

1 garlic clove, crushed.

Mix together and get it down! The taste is very strong, but a few of these will have you back in action in no time.

:: Try to have a shower earlier in the day. I didn’t take this advice today and showered at 12.30pm… But I felt so much better once I was dressed and clean and wished I had done it earlier rather than moping around for hours in my pjs.

:: Try to work your way through quiet, calm activities.

:: Get down on the floor, prop up with some pillows and let your baby play around you. She might be less likely to get grisly if you are close by.

:: Have a warm bath with your baby and a bit of lavender oil.

:: Sleep when your baby sleeps! Or, if you have a baby like mine, who isn’t always reliable in the sleep category, try taking them to bed with you. Today when Baby wouldn’t go to sleep (despite crawling into the bedroom to point at the cot while saying ‘Bid! Bid!’) I took her into bed with me, put last night’s episode of Offspring on the laptop and Baby drifted off to sleep while I watched (after she got over the excitement of watching the screen move in front of her, something she doesn’t get to see often as she is currently ‘tv-free’).

:: Eat warm and nourishing foods.

:: As much as you can leave your everyday chores for tomorrow and rest as much as you can.

:: If anyone offers to help, say YES!

Get better soon!


3 thoughts on “How to Survive a Sick Day with Baby

  1. Hmmm… really weird because I’ve felt exactly the same way. Except Paige is sick too, Doc suggested a mild case of gastro.
    Good tips, think I’ve executed most but wish I had thought of the bath one.

  2. Hey Brooke, it was so weird, I felt better within 24 hours. However everyone I know seems to be puking so it must have been just a mild case of gastro as well. And the bath works a treat. Hope you and little Paige are feeling better!

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