Sewing Again!

I have been sewing again!

For what seemed like years, I stared longingly at the dark shadow surrounding my machine. Every time my tummy bubbled with excitement at the prospect of maybe-just-maybe-being-able-to-sew-today, something happened, something came up, and time ran out.

But! Those days are over and my sewing machine and I have finally re-united.

And! The most exciting thing is… I have been working away in the background and got my own little labels, ready for my pie-in-the-sky-market-stall…

If only I would stop giving everything I make away!



2 thoughts on “Sewing Again!

  1. Fantastic to see the machine getting a look in…. The labels are lovely. I really hope your market stall is a hit. Now just don’t start knitting that baby cardi before you finish your stock! And I’m so with you there, planning to dive in the deep end with a patterned baby vest or something. Why not get knitting items that will motivate us to finish, and learn a few things?! However, I’m forcing myself to knit a washcloth first 🙂

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