A Tune for a Time

I found an old CD in the glovebox of my car today.

It was labelled “lucy ’09”. I wondered what this pre-baby, pre-motherhood, potentially even pre-pregnancy lady would have put on a CD in 2009. Even though it was not very long ago, 2009 feels like a lifetime away from now.

It’s amazing how music can link you to a memory, a feeling or just a particular time or place in your life. The music brought back the feeling of a time in my life when we were beginning to think about having a family, the distinct aura of change was in the air. The songs on this CD reminded me of the young woman I was just two and a half years ago, full of wonder and uncertainty about what the next step would bring. And now I know.

Here is the first song I heard when I played the CD in my car today on my way home from work…


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