Are You a Lark or an Owl?

That’s me up there in that photo. Yep. You might have got another impression of me through this blog, but uh, believe it or not that’s actually me!

I’m watching a show on SBS, about following the natural rhythms of your individual body clock. It’s very interesting, and talks about how modern life overrides all of our internal rhythms, leaving us ignoring our own body clocks and possibly doing things that may cause us harm, or may simply not support us to function at our best.

I’ve heard before about how ‘lazy’ teenagers may not be so lazy, and there is actually a biological reason for teenagers wanting to sleep late. The show also talks about different types of people – ‘larks’ who like to rise early and function best at this time, and ‘owls’ who like to sleep in and stay up later at night.

Herein lies one of my biggest clashes with Prince Charming.

For he is a Lark, and I am an Owl.

Bright and chirpy he rises in the morning, all smiles and giggles and bounces. Throwing Baby this way and that, singing songs and jumping on the bed… in which I am still curled up in, ignoring the world as much as possible!

However right now, it is 9pm at night. I spent the afternoon feeling tired and lethargic. But now, I’m slowly starting to wake up. I can feel it in my bones. Sitting up straight, mind tick tick ticking. Hoot, hoot.

I look around the room… Prince Charming is no where to be seen. I have a strange feeling he is back in the nest. But I simply adore this time of night. It is my favourite time of the day. Everything is dark and quiet. Oh, how I love the dark and the quiet. Things seem slow and fresh, calm and lovely, right now.

It’s my time.



2 thoughts on “Are You a Lark or an Owl?

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