Things That Happen When You’re In The Shower

Baby is of an age where she is quite difficult to entertain when I am in the shower. There are things that particularly interest her, like the toilet, or throwing random items into the bath in order to watch them bathe under the torrent of water flowing out from the shower head. It is even funnier if I throw the item back out of the bath. This sets a real challenge for Baby – how many times can she get the item back in without me blocking it?

One particular morning this week however, Baby decided the best thing in the bathroom were my discarded undies.

What do you do when your child set her sights on your discarded underwear while you’re in the shower? Do you:

a) Shout ‘No, Baby, NO!’ as your child reaches into the air and squeals with delight when they discover they can peek through the leg of your undies when placed in a specific position on their head.

b) Ignore them in the hope the excitement will not last.

c) Get out of the shower and remove said discarded underwear from child.

I chose the Ignore Tactic. As Baby peered up at me through the leg of my knickers, giggling and smiling, stretching them in all manner of directions, throwing them and then collecting them again, twisting them around her neck like a scarf, putting them over her wrist so she could crawl and bring them with her, I ignored it all. It did not seem to do any good. Regardless of my approval, those knickers were the best toy Baby has ever discovered. Forget Little Ellie, I’m sure if given the chance, Baby would have taken these undies to bed as her new and improved comforter.

My only option was to divert from option b to option c, remove said underwear and never mention the blue knickers in front of heartbroken Baby again.


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