So Many Things…

… pointing me towards country life.

Green hills and valleys, tall trees gently swaying, people walking slowly, talking slowly, laughing slowly. Cars idling on the road, dirt roads, pebbles. Little country supermarkets stocking little country things, farmers markets, farmers. Blue skies contrasting with grass and round shapes, not square, not concrete.

We’ve been spending a bit of time out of the city lately. I love it.

The air smells different. It’s colder. It’s nicer.

I don’t even live very close to the city. I have birds here and skies and good coffee. But it’s still not the same as that first blast of country air that hits your nostrils when you get out of the car. The crunch of crisp grass and dirt underfoot. The quiet, slow sounds of land and ocean.

Something about the country brings me one step back, one inch closer to the lifecycle of the earth. I like it.


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