Good Things About Sunday Mondays

All the things I am enjoying on this Sunday like Monday (thanks to Queen Elizabeth’s birthday – Cheers!)

:: Lying on the day bed on the deck in the sun while the baby is asleep (albeit dogs continually trying to lick me)

:: Eating scrambled tofu for breakfast with Baby and Prince Charming

:: Prince Charming taking himself off to the footy and me catching up for a leisurely afternoon with my bestie EP

:: Potentially eating some chocolate

:: The sound of lawnmowers

:: Coffee

:: A freshly mopped kitchen floor

:: The thought of only one day at work this week

:: Taking the time to wash my hair

:: Watching my bunnies do their happy boings into the air

:: Being able to watch Offspring tonight

:: Crocheting to my heart’s content… not really, that one is a fib, but it does sound lovely!

Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday type Monday as well.


One thought on “Good Things About Sunday Mondays

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