At Work Today

Exercise and I have been having a rawther large mental battle of late:

Exercise: “You should exercise.”

Me: “No.”

A friend said she had given up pretending she was going to exercise on her days off work and had decided to eat lunch at her desk on the three days she worked, and walk for half an hour in the afternoon. I am a naughty chicken and have been eating lunch at my desk on the two days I work anyway, so today I decided that at 2pm I would go for a walk.

First, I forgot my runners:

Me: “I can’t walk without my runners.”

Exercise: “Yes you can.”

Then it got a bit cold outside:

Me: “It’s too cold outside.”

Exercise: “No, it’s not.”

Me: “I’m very busy and important, I don’t have time.”

Exercise: Awkward silence.

To cut a potentially very long story short, at 2.20pm I went out for a walk. 28 minutes later I was back at my desk.

It was a beautiful day and I came back refreshed and re-motivated.

While I was out, I noticed a fairly large cemetery. Our family have a strange interest in cemeteries. On family holidays as kids, as odd as it sounds, we visited numerous country town  cemeteries to look at the graves and talk about the people and families who lived there. Ever since, we have all held a quiet curiosity for these places, full of stories and peaceful tranquility…. apart from the time in a small town when our mother ran away while we weren’t looking and locked us inside the tall gates…

I looked through the gate of the cemetery and wondered whether it would be weird to go in and have a look. I decided it would be a bit weird, although Prince Charming pointed out that it was probably weirder to walk the perimeter of the cemetery peering in through gaps in the fence. Which is what I did. Until I saw a headstone with my surname on it, then I decided it was a good idea to go back to work. I also saw a strangely coffin shaped shallow hole in the ground in an older part of the cemetery, but I rang Prince Charming and he said I have an overactive imagination.

So I went on my way and took some more photos on my way back to my desk and looked like weird stalker lady instead of weird cemetery lady.

I think I will definitely be going for an afternoon walk when I am at work again next week. Yes, I will. Maybe not past the cemetery though in case someone from my office sees me.


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