Meet Little Ellie

Baby has a rather strange habit. She loves to hold soft things like clothing, sheets, blankets and so on up against her mouth and nose and sniff. It seems to comfort her. I have tried to figure out why she does it, it’s just been part of her repertoire for so long now I can’t trace it back. My only guess is she associates it with breastfeeding and being close up against me.

A while back when we were having trouble getting little Baby to go to sleep, Nannywho (my mum) suggested that we put one of my t-shirts in the cot with her to snuggle up with. This worked a treat, at least until last week when Prince Charming went in to check on her and she had wrapped the t-shirt around her neck so that it covered part of her face. Needless to say, there have been no t-shirts in the cot since.

I’ve been hunting around for something to replace it with that is soft and material like, but not big enough to wrap around her neck. (This is the latest habit, everything around the neck – I think she is either trying to put on a ‘hat’ or dress herself when she does this).

Anyhoo, a friend came over today and had a little elephant comforter for her bub which he always takes to bed. As soon as she left I got out my scissors and an assortment of vintage and thrifted materials and…


Meet Little Ellie…

She has a pale yellow polkadot cotton front, and navy blue polkadot flannel back, a vintage silky floral ear, backed with a dusty green cord.

I hope Baby likes her!


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