Party Planning, Eating, Giggling Until Your Jaw Hurts

Guess what.

Baby had her First Party over the weekend.

Yes! Her very first! To match the occasion you heard about earlier: her First Birthday.

It was an interesting process, this party business. Turns out that children’s birthday parties are actually quite an affair nowadays! We did not have a jumping castle or a theme or lollies. But we all wore clothes and there was a cake, made by a very dear friend of mine. Thank goodness she offered as who knows what I would have produced, left to my own devices.

Something I realised while planning for a number of people to enter my house and eat food and drink and talk was the waste. Balloons, streamers and other decorations can be bad for the environment. Then the issue of plastic cups and plates?

I had a quick scan on the internet and found a number of ways to have a greener birthday party, like here, here, and here just for examples. First, decorations. Once I realised how many options there were, I had so much fun making origami balloons to hang from our deck and put in little recycled bottle vases around the place…

and origami hearts to hang from a stick I found in the backyard…

and some more that I stuck on skewers and put next to the letterbox instead of having balloons out the front. To make the origami decorations I used scraps of old wrapping paper and a magazine that I had finished reading that happened to have the theme colours of pink and white.

I also used some old bits of thrifted sheets and made a happy birthday banner…

As for the food. I made homemade lemonade from my beloved Wholefood for Children Cookbook, sneaky vegie muffins, spelt flour cupcakes, zucchini slice, vegie sticks and dip and many other delicious things were brought along by family and friends.

I asked my parents and in-laws to bring extra wine and champagne glasses so we didn’t have to use plastic ones. And I put out my stainless steel cups for the kids. There were a few good quality plastic cups that my mother-in-law brought along and some of the kids used, so we washed those and put them back in the cupboard for next time. Now I just have to figure out how to kick my naughty gladwrap habit.

If I can plan a first birthday party, I can do anything.


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