A Tad on the Creepy Side…

I’ve just been a little creeped out…

By this and this and this.

I’ve been questioning putting personal photos on my blog for a while. A few months ago I took down the photos of Baby I had up on facebook. When people asked me why, the only explanation I could come up with was that it made me ‘feel weird’.

After reading those links above, I feel weird again.


8 thoughts on “A Tad on the Creepy Side…

  1. Hi Ingrid, it’s so gross and weird and creepy isn’t it… I can’t believe anyone would do that. Yuck yuck yuck. Made me feel a little irresponsible though… You forget that the internet is a big place. Still haven’t decided what to do but has put me off for a while!

  2. You know what, thank you for this. It’s a sharp reminder to be smart about the info you share! I have an online store with a fashion blog attached and while I posted some photos of my baby girl in her first few months I’ve been a bit hesitant to do so since, there’s always that little voice saying ‘you dont know who’s reading this and what they might get from it’.

    God I can’t even imagine how horrifying it must be to learn that someone has taken all your family photos to claim as their own. Yuck.

  3. Hi Brooke, thanks so much for your comments. I have been loving following your blog and checking out the awesome stuff you have for sale! It just really shocked me into gear reading those links and reminded me that it’s not just my friends, family and the lovely people I have met in blog land that are reading my blog and looking at pictures of my family. Definitely something that I will be considering more from here on in.

    Totally happy for you to share the links on your facebook page. Will go and check it out now 🙂

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