This Time One Year Ago

A tiny, wrinkly, soft baby was in my arms.

I had no bloody clue what to do.

She slept and woke and drank.

I stared at her wondering where she came from.

She curled her fingers around my fingers.

She looked around with fuzzy eyes, kind of in my direction but not really.

I spent hours awake with her in the deep dark night.

She didn’t know about day and night, light and dark.

If I put her down she kicked her legs.

She cried.

If I picked her up and held her close she rested her cheek on my chest, my shoulders.

And slept.

And slept.

And woke.

And slept.

I stared at her some more.

In wonder.

And awe.

I couldn’t comprehend.

That she was mine.


3 thoughts on “This Time One Year Ago

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