Home Alone

Every Sunday morning Prince Charming goes running with a group. He’s been wanting to take Baby for ages, and run with her in the pram.

This morning, he did.

At 8.45am I waved bye bye to Prince Charming and Baby and was left at home. Alone.


While I was lying in bed this morning, in anticipation of this grand event, my head was spinning with all the things I would do while they were gone. Most of the things I was thinking of involved me on the couch or me in bed or me dancing around the place and jumping up and down in my underwear. That was The Wife Slash Mother thinking though, so once I got out of bed and realised that The Working Mother was arriving tomorrow I got to work – with Jack Johnson playing much louder than levels appropriate for a Sunday morning.

As we share a family bedroom, I never really get a chance to give our room a good clean and tidy so that was first on the agenda. I changed the sheets, wiped all the surfaces with a spray bottle from my natural cleaning kit that has some water mixed with lemongrass essential oil, put all the clothes away, cleaned out my entire underwear drawer and threw out all my old holey knickers (THAT is a job that has been a long time waiting let me tell you!), swept the floor, opened the curtains and smiled.

Then I put a wash on, hung some washing out, folded some washing, fed the dogs, fed the rabbits, cleaned out the rabbit hutch, had a shower, washed my hair, got dressed, tried on heaps of clothes (I did an ENORMOUS clean out of my wardrobe last week as I am taking part in Simple Mom’s ‘Project Simplify’ – and also was given heaps of clothes from a friend this week so have loads of new stuff!), blow-dried my hair without having to stop every 10 seconds to reassure Baby that the hair dryer is not going to grow teeth and gobble us up, put some makeup on, jumped when I saw myself in the mirror, reminded myself it was actually me, smiled, put the kettle on – twice, put the oil burner on, went through some material as we’re going to a 1st birthday today and I’m making a little pressie, made a cup of tea, sat down, breathed, sipped my tea, and wrote this blog!!!

Phew. I’ve had the best morning.

And what do you know, a familiar looking pair just got out of the car in the driveway…

* * * * *

P.S. First thing Prince Charming said to me when he came through the door: “Woah. It’s like a different wife has answered the door.”


4 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. I so remember those days! The first couple of years are so hard, you can really lose yourself. It makes the hours you do get to yourself as precious as gold.
    (clicked through from EB 🙂

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Mara! Nella turns one on Monday (omg!) and I’m reflecting lots on this past year at the moment… it really is a different sphere of life having a little one isn’t it! Something new everyday. And yes, time alone is SACRED. xo

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