Clickety Clack

I have been invited to join a knitting circle.

Once a month over the cold days of winter, a group of women will meet and sit and talk and knit by an open fire. I’ll be one of them. Brilliant!

I was just so excited about this prospect that I didn’t pay much attention to the best part: the cause. So this morning I have been reading all about knit-a-square which is a children’s charity aiming to warm and comfort children who are orphans as a result of HIV Aids in Africa. Knit-a-square also aims to raise awareness of this mostly hidden human tragedy.

To take some words from the website:

Crocheting and knitting for charity, especially for children in need, is a meditative act of love.

More importantly, it makes a difference. There are many millions of abandoned and vulnerable children and AIDS orphans in southern Africa, who live in dire poverty.

Many lack the very basics we take for grantedβ€”love, shelter, food, education and warmth.

Your contribution of squares to this crochet and knitting project adds to the many thousands of 8″/20cm squares from around the world, which are joined into blankets and distributed to these children.

There are loads of different patterns and ideas on the website. Can’t knit? Not a problem! There are also links to online how-to-knit classes, patterns, a blog and more.

To find out more visit knit-a-square and see how much difference your little contribution will make.


2 thoughts on “Clickety Clack

  1. Love this post ! Look forward to clicking & clacking with you next week.
    I’m already staying up far too late to get a square finished… xxxx
    ps the pic from Friday is absolutely gorgeous.

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