line up your dollies

10pm Sunday night.

I’ve just sat down, feet up on couch. Jasmine tea, remote control, knitting and water bottle on my right. Back up against cushions. Feet throbbing. Eyes tired.

I’ve just spent a manic five hours running around getting ready for my weekly transformation to The Working Mother.

Every Monday and Tuesday I go to work. Working two days per week is something many dream of (including me BB – Before Baby) so I need to be explicit: I am not complaining. My transformation to The Working Mother has amazed me. On Mondays and Tuesdays each week The Working Mother arrives. Generally there has been some hours spent on a Sunday evening in preparation for her arrival. But when The Working Mother is here, things Get Done. She makes lunches and snacks and dinners and coffees and sweeps and wipes and irons. At work she throws files this way and that, she makes phone calls, sends emails, eats lunch at her desk, checks on her baby, expresses milk, sharpens pencils and is too opinionated at meetings. When things are Getting Done, The Working Mother is happy.

Then on Wednesdays The Mother returns and things are a bit of a jumble. There’s lots of washing to be done and she can’t seem to find the time or the energy to do it. Things are lying around on the floor and the day seems to be quite stilted. She sits on the couch a bit while Baby is asleep and looks around, not sure where to begin. She misses Baby so much that she sometimes watches her sleep (in a non-creepy way) and then spends lots of time on the floor playing with her. By Thursday The Mother has got her act together but sometimes by Thursday it’s too late. Things are Messy and Dirty. The Mother hates things being Messy and Dirty, even though Baby quite likes it. On Thursdays she drinks a bit more coffee than usual and rolls her sleeves up.

Before you know it, it’s Friday night and The Wife Slash Mother knocks on the door. The Wife Slash Mother forgets all the rules about Cleaning and Washing and Staying In Control and likes to dream about all the impossible things you could possibly fit into Saturdays and Sundays. Sometimes she gets quite unrealistic about all the fun things that are going to happen on Saturdays and Sundays and ends up feeling faint and being very late preparing for The Working Mother to arrive. She’s quite frightened of The Working Mother so spends lots of time on Sundays trying to clean the house before she gets here.

Which brings me to my present position…

It is positively like having three personas.

Is anyone else juggling multiple roles and learning how to transition between each one? We’d all just love to know.


4 thoughts on “line up your dollies

  1. Ha!! The part that really gets to me about this one is that not enough women (or men) are willing to say what it’s really like!! I’m very careful to tell people at my workplace that there is no Superwoman at my house. There are things that just don’t get done and things I would like to do with my time that I don’t get to do. The truth of it all is that it is damn hard work being a mother who is at home with her children all week, and it’s hard being a mother that combines paid work with being at home with her children. It’s hard raising people that will be kind to the world. It’s hard being a woman, and it’s hard being a good enough mother. I hope that in some small way, we can encourage women to both say what’s it really like for them, and to ask for more support when they need it.

  2. So true! One thing I have learnt since becoming a mother is that there aren’t many women who really say it like it is. Seems there are still so many taboo topics that are off limits. If we all spoke a bit more, there would be less to speak about, so to speak! Thanks for your comment xo

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