Sitting here…

I find myself sitting here, waiting for her to wake up. Willing her, wanting her.

After months of wishing she would sleep just a little bit longer, just a minute extra for mama, here I am – waiting.

I spent the day at work today, away from my precious bundle. Tomorrow too I’ll be at the desk while she giggles and plays with her Aunty.

No fair. I want her!

I want her soft pearly skin.

Her thin baby hair.

Her milky smell.

Her hand on my cheek.

Her wet dribbly lips.

Her little bottom.

Her tiny toes.

Her one single tooth.

Her gummy grin.

Her chubby giggles.

Her piercing squeals.

Just one more cuddle while it’s dark outside and the night is calm and the moon is out and we’re warm and quiet?


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