Fabulous Finds

Going back to work has been interesting.

Monday: My manager and I were 15 minutes early for a meeting. She suggests we have a quick squiz at her favourite op shop. I shrug my shoulders, Yeah ok, almost tripping over myself to get through the door.

Inside, waiting patiently and quietly for me on the racks is…

It doesn’t look like much, but I love soft dreamy colours which initially attracted me to this dress. A bit of snipping, stitching, unpicking and pinning later and from nowhere appeared….

Add to this these lovely sets of beads and oh golly do I feel a success.

Tuesday: I’m 10 minutes early for a meeting and go for a quick walk up a nearby street to see if I can find a 2011 diary (I’m a little late with this one). Instead I find the Salvos! For Christmas I found my sister a gorgeous retro water jug and glass set at an op shop down the coast (one of my Buy Nothing New presents). The only thing was it was missing was one glass, as it only had three. Spurred on by Monday’s finds I scan the store and find the exact same set with six glasses! I’ll give one glass to my sister, use one for a tealight and then we will both have a set with a jug and four glasses each.

Oh boy, maybe work isn’t so bad after all.


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