The Lunch Room

Girl Number 1: I went to this awesome festival on Australia Day…

Girl Number 2: You should start a blog about it, you are always seeing bands and going to festivals.

Girl Number 1: Yeah I tried to once but ran out of steam. Blogs are for mothers who have nothing better to do but sit around all day. I’m too busy.

Girl Number 2 (laughs): Yeah, sit around day after day. God, boring, don’t get me started on mothers.


2 thoughts on “The Lunch Room

  1. Umm, don’t know whether to be indignant, outraged, roll my eyes or feel sad for these two….anyway, hope you’re not sitting around doing nothing….ha!

    • I had to laugh, especially when my boss turned to me with a smirk and said: That pretty much sums up your life, right Luce?

      Needless to say there was a bit of stunned silence after that.

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