Refined :: Re-polished :: Renewed

It has been a strange month. Baby had her first Christmas. We had a refreshing holiday: time to think, walk, breathe. We watched on in the rain as floods devastated people’s homes and lives and wonder that there was a time not long ago when it was fire that was on our minds, burning our hearts.

Things have moved quickly. Already it is nearing the end of January. I have gone back to work. I’ve nearly finished the last subject towards my Graduate Certificate of Arts (Writing), a third of the way to my Masters. Baby’s first clear white tooth has broken through the soft pink skin of her gums. Needless to say, none of us have been getting much sleep. Prince Charming has been setting up his classroom, ready for the return of the kids with their fresh haircuts and stories of summer. Through the speed, I’ve managed to do some refining, to bring points of our life together.

New Year’s Resolutions…

  1. Buy no new clothes for 6 months – [necessary] underwear, [necessary] shoes, second-hand and handmade products (in an emergency eg. for a gift when my sewing skills cannot help me) excluded. Two motivations for this: 1. to save money and get myself out of the crude world of consumption, of which I am easily sucked into, and 2. for many environmental reasons such as saving on the production of ‘new’ clothes when there are already enough second-hand things to clothe us all, as well as the miles they travel to the store to get to us. This includes both Baby and myself. This was inspired by ecomilf who did a whole year of nothing new (not just clothes) in 2010!
  2. 35 sessions of yoga
  3. Plan meals each week including one new recipe each week
  4. Practice mindfulness – living in and appreciating each moment to the best of my ability


A while ago I was stressing about money and how we would make it through. Although I didn’t want to go back to work this early, I know it will make a huge difference to our lives. I have had a battle going on in my mind – isn’t my love and my care and my being there more important to Baby than some extra money in the bank? I still don’t know the answer yet after careful consideration and reviewing of our income I realised that it is also important for Baby to live in a stress free environment, and the stress that money was causing us versus me spending two days at work while Baby is in the care of family was a no brainer. We have since refined our budget with the knowledge that my first pay day is not far away, using this budget planner.

Baby just woke up, Prince Charming has popped her on the floor. As she crawls around my feet, I take a breath and bring myself back to this moment. She looks up at me, pauses to let a little fart escape and I smile adoringly and lovingly back at her as she goes along her way.

And off we go again.


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