New Year, New You.

Prince Charming has been wandering around the house for two days now chanting, ‘New Year, New You,’ to himself, to me, to Baby, in text messages to my sister. He is the new life coach guru for 2011.

Why is it that a fresh start is always easier on a Monday, or the first day of a new year?

I felt fresh and rejuvenated waking up yesterday morning, despite having had little sleep and a scruffy house after our New Year’s Eve gathering. I sat down and wrote lists and used my best pen because it made the lists look more important. I straightened books in piles and flicked through recipes. I felt a bubble of delight rise in my stomach when I decided I would soak all my beans and grains in 2011 the night before, instead of buying canned beans. Yes, I nodded to myself. Yes, this is the year of being organised. This is the year of being on top of things. Then I got into the hammock with a book. My toes were numb and my right cheek pink from the sun when I woke up with a cool line of drool down the left hand side of my face three hours later.

New year, new me.

One of the lists that I wrote were my New Year’s Resolutions. I write them every year, usually in January when I have some time to think. I have not finished refining this list yet, but here is the draft version:

  1. Six months of buying no new clothes – underwear excluded. (This needs to be refined… not sure if I will do nothing new or just stick to clothes… TBC!)
  2. No microwave for one year (I have done this previously for a couple of years but brought the nasty thing back out from the cupboard after we had Baby and had two month’s worth of frozen meals ready to reheat. It has claimed a space on my bench and I don’t like it).
  3. Attend at least 35 sessions of yoga
  4. Drink two litres of water every day
  5. Cook one new wholefood recipe each week
  6. Soak beans and grains the night before eating and only use canned beans in an emergency (for more information about using wholefoods and why see here)
  7. Slow down! I really like the idea of The Slow Project from petalplum and want to shape some of these ideas into my life.

On another note, we spent the week before Christmas with some friends and family at one of the most beautiful places in the world: Wilsons Prom. To get away from the hype and advertising before Christmas was fantastic. We came back ready for the big day, despite my sewing machine and I having a little meltdown and as such I still have Christmas presents to make for my Buy Nothing New Christmas. More on that later!


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