Kitchen Floor Yoga

A few weeks ago I started yoga again. I have made couple of half-hearted attempts over the past few months, but I have now been three weeks in a row to the beautiful Bhava Centre and feel it has once again become part of my weekly rhythm.

The feeling of peace and abundance I receive from this weekly practice is almost indescribable. I was attending pre-natal yoga from week 11 to week 40 of my pregnancy, and would religiously turn up once, and later twice per week to soak up the delicious atmosphere, and soulful experience.

Now I’m back, and, I’ll just put it out there – I am not what you would describe as flexible or nimble, nor in any way graceful so I do have to work really hard, both in mind and body, for over an hour while I am there.

On Wednesday we moved from a series of warrior poses into a half moon pose. I found it difficult to balance but was proud of my efforts. I got home and, as usual, was feeling happy and calm and generally lovely after my class. I was baking bread and making some hummus dip when I decided to show off this challenging pose to Prince Charming in the kitchen (Note: I literally mean show him the pose, nothing uncouth here!)


As I moved somewhat shakily from the warrior into the half moon, carefully lifting my foot into the air, the bar mix fell, knocking the hummus off the bench. I ended up on the floor (so, this pose is called the fetal position!) with chickpeas in my hair surrounded by goops of garlic and tahini.

Definitely not flexible or nimble, nor in any way graceful…


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