The Nurse and the Carrot

As you know, I have been seeing an amazing Maternal Child Health Nurse from the Gabriel Centre. It just so happened though that I had a left over appointment with the local nurse (who is perfectly friendly…) booked in for Baby’s 6 month birthday. As I was actually physically at the centre with Baby for our Natural Parenting Melbourne playgroup at the time of the appointment, I thought I might as well skip over and get Baby weighed.

I walked into the room.

The Nurse: ‘Oh sorry’ [munch munch munch] ‘I’m just eating a carrot.’

Me: ‘That’s ok.’ [smiled politely and sat down]

The Nurse: [Munch munch munch – – – smile]

Me: [Smile]

The Nurse: ‘Do you like carrots?’

Me: ‘Why, yes, I like carrots.’

The Nurse: ‘What about… organic carrots?’

Me: ‘Um, yes, I think so.’

The Nurse: ‘Would you like to try an… organic carrot?’

Me: ‘Oh… no thanks, that’s ok.’ [looking at half munched carrot in her sweaty palm]

The Nurse: ‘It’s no trouble, here, look… I’ll just give this a wash…’

She rinsed the carrot in the sink and got out a knife. ‘I’m just going to cut you off this end bit. I haven’t chewed it, I just broke it off that’s why it’s shaped funny like that.’ She held out a chunk of carrot towards me. I took it from her and she sat down on the edge of her chair, bright eyed and eagerly awaiting my thoughts. Baby looked from me to The Nurse in expectation. I bit into the carrot.

Me: ‘Mmm.’

The Nurse: ‘What do you think?’

Me: ‘Mm, yes, it’s very nice.’

The Nurse: ‘Much nicer than regular old carrots?’

Me: ‘Oh, definitely.’

The Nurse: ‘Would you believe they’re just from Woolworths?’

Me: ‘Wow, um, no, I can’t believe it.’

The Nurse: ‘Yes, well you should always buy organic carrots, never the regular ones.’

Me: ‘Oh, yes, ok.’

After some more carrot discussion I managed to get Baby weighed and hightailed it back to playgroup. She really is a perfectly nice woman but it does make me wonder how many other maternal child health nurses are holed up in their little offices all day every day, eating carrots and waiting for an unsuspecting new mama to pounce on?


5 thoughts on “The Nurse and the Carrot

  1. just read your comment (yes, it took me that long!) on bedsharing. hang in there and follow your heart and intuition. when something isn’t working for both of you, you’ll know it and change things accordingly. just trust yourself and the choices your make. there’s no such thing as bad habits, it’s just all about a happy baby and a happy mama. if you have those two elements then there is nothing wrong! xo m.

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