Sewing up a Storm with Alice

Ask and you shall receive and all that jazz. Just a few weeks ago I wrote about my inability to sew, and my sad lack of sewing machine to boot. I wanted to be able to make and do and dream… and… now I can! With Alice! Barely a week after I wrote that post, through a strange chain of events including:

One aunty

One lady who used to teach sewing

Some children

A bunch of old sewing machines

And a strangely connected step aunty to bring all the pieces together

I found myself with not one, but two sewing machines. One of them, is Alice.

This machine is actually meant to go to my sister, but I have hijacked her for the time being. What can I say, we click! Two sewing lessons and crafternoons with my family later, I can now thread the needle, put cotton on the bobbin, press my foot to the pedal and go! I can make drawstring bags, iPhone covers from old hankies (albeit a little dodgy), and cut things up, snippety snap.

Last night I claimed some MMT and, inspired by Little Eco Footprints, began making some decorations for our New Year’s Eve party.

I cut and ironed and pinned…

I sat and arranged and sewed…

I produced and displayed and jumped around!

My plans for a Buy Nothing New Christmas are chugging along, full steam ahead.


7 thoughts on “Sewing up a Storm with Alice

  1. Congratulations and well done, those flags look great. I knew you and the Alice would hit it off! Also, I’m quite chuffed you blogged that pic from our afternoon – it was a special moment and she’s going to grow and change so quickly that those photos will become even more precious…Plus, I’m wearing my new green skirt, very proud of my efforts. Mard xxx

  2. Thanks Mardi, the pics you took were amazing! I loved them. Alice is great, but the real Alice now has her eye on it. I might have to hand her on. On another note Blue Magic is up and running! Will have to show you at crafternoon on Friday. Can’t wait to see your skirt!! xoxo

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  6. Hi! Spring greetings from Finland! 🙂 This might sound weird, but I found that exact sewing machine at my grandmothers house, but I don’t have the manual. Do you? I was thinking is there any possibility that you could take picture some of the pages and send to my e-mail, because I just cant’ handle the bobbin system. I lost my patience already like hundred times, and there is no manual in the internet. So, could you help me? 🙂

    • Hello Katariina! My heart sank when I read your comment – I literally JUST sent Alice (AND the manual) off to the op shop about two weeks ago! I’ve been through a couple of sewing machines since then and unfortunately she had seen her day. It was time for someone else to claim her! So I am terribly sorry – I would have loved to be able to help you with the manual. Have you tried searching the serial number online? I managed to find a manual for a very old overlocker with some creative googling… good luck!

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