The Bread Dread

Ah, budgeting. This is the first fortnight of our new budget, and despite throwing bags of coins and paper around the other night while flailing my arms around my head moaning to Prince Charming, ‘I’m so confused! You know I didn’t do maths for a reason!?’ before throwing my pen on the floor, it’s going just dandy.

Now, where was I going to start. Oh, that’s right… bye, bye Soy Latte. Well, this hasn’t happened but it has improved and that is what we are looking for. Effort and improvement. Prince Charming and I are both now down to two a week each which is a darn sight better than seven +, correct?

The next step (aside from the organic cotton vs op shop mantra) was to make our own bread.

As you can see, it appears to be going quite well! But just when I had my chin held high, a smug grin on my face and a hoighty toighty shake to my head whenever anyone mentioned the word bread, this happened:

I can’t lie and say this is the first time this has happened, either. In actual fact, if I am going to be honest, which I aim to do, it’s probably about the fourth time. Maybe the fifth, at a pinch. So I’m not sure how much money all this bread making is actually saving us, considering the ingredients are wasted, plus, as Prince Charming is a great consumer of bread, we do tend to need to get a store bought loaf when the above occurs.

I suppose all we can do is know that when we eat this bread, it is filled with top quality ingredients and is very healthy, sometimes just a little hard to chew.


2 thoughts on “The Bread Dread

    • Thanks Meagan! Those hard lumpy rocks of dough is what happened… as opposed to the lovely fresh fluffy loaf that appeared the time before. I don’t know how it happened… I seem to do the exact same thing each time with so many varied results!! xo

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