Reclaimed Fabrics, Reclaimed Me.

In all my budget and slowing down and living a calm, relaxed and quiet life haste, I have gone a little blog crazy. I am addicted to blogs! Every day I am discovering more and more, I can’t stop. Bye, bye iPhone and Total Baby, hello to all the mamas in blog land!

I have found so many amazing blogs and beautiful, inspiring and creative things to make and do and dream that my to do list is now pages long. Problem is, most of them are sewing projects… I don’t know how to sew… and don’t even own a sewing machine for that matter… but who ever let the truth get in the way of a good story, or something like that. We’ll sort out that problem later.

Did you know that it’s Buy Nothing New month at the Salvos? I found that out at one of the many brilliant blogs I have found so this week: Little Eco Footprints.

I was reading Little Eco Footprints last night and got so inspired that Baby and I trotted off to our two local op shops this morning to start my fabric collection. I figure when the day comes that I do get a sewing machine, I’ve got to have a stash ready, right? And besides that I think I will probably knock on my mother in law’s door a few times between now and then and sneak a little lesson on hers. I thought that finding really great second hand fabric treasures would be hard, but after just half an hour I walked back to my car with a whole bag!

This one just happened to sneak out of the bag and onto my dining table…

I thought I might use the blue/pink floral ones to make a cot sheet set for Baby, with MIL’s help of course. That will be the second creative project. The first is a little singlet I have started knitting for Baby. I have never followed a pattern before so I have been spending lots of time sitting up in bed, lap top in front of me and headphones in my ears so as not to wake Prince Charming or Baby, watching tutorials on Youtube. Who would have thought that knit, inc 3 sts evenly across … 57 (63-69) sts. would be so easy?

Thirdly, dear friends and family, you are my guinea pigs and unfortunately for you I am planning on having a Buy Nothing New Christmas by making all my gifts or buying vintage treasures if the whole ‘making’ thing goes awry. We’ll see how that goes. If I have no friends or family by New Year, we will all know why.

I feel so excited by all this creativity.


8 thoughts on “Reclaimed Fabrics, Reclaimed Me.

  1. Great fabrics-dont worry about the sewing machine, most modern ones are so easy they do everything for you! I have found it has usually taken me a mintues to learn something new just from the manual! If still stuck on anything-try U tube for handy videos for what ever you need to do (put in zips/blind hems etc).
    Good on you for having a second hand/hand made christmas!

  2. Hey there, I have been using youtube lots for knitting so I’m guessing it’s the same for sewing! Scoring a lesson this Friday with my aunty so will see what eventuates!!!

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing your ‘nothing new’ chritmas presents 🙂

    Thanks for the link and i’m glad my blog has inspired you to try sewing. have fun.

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