In the Scarf Garden

I borrowed a book from the library the other day. Sustainable Baby.

I can hardly put it down! It’s got fantastic information about bringing up a baby and avoiding all the crazy marketing and STUFF that we feel (or are told) we MUST have for our babies. It has brilliant ideas for alternatives, and things that are fun! Things you can make and get all crafty and creative. Fun, fun, fun.


Baby was getting a little bored last night while I was cooking dinner. I remembered one of the ideas from the book which is to play with scarves of all different colours and textures. I was amazed at how much she loved it.

She rolled and sucked and grabbed and looked. She couldn’t get enough of my scarves.

This morning we tried the same thing again and she had an accident all over them, I hadn’t even finished my morning tea yet so it was slightly early for those shenanigans but we survived and the scarves are now in the wash.

Highly recommend checking out Sustainable Baby. Author, Debbie Hodgson, has a blog which the link will take you to. I will be renewing it from my library if no one else has it on hold!


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