The Menagerie

Q: What does a snotty baby nose, a rabbit on antibiotics, a vomiting dog and a husband recovering from Man Flu have in common?

A: ME!

It all began this morning, with some poo. Baby was having no-nappy-time. I was cooking some porridge and making a cup of tea when I heard some squeals of delight. I looked over to see Baby on her tummy, legs kicking out behind her breaststroke-style, arms bobbing around and a big grin on her face. I smiled back (What are you doing gorgeous girl? Having a fun time on the mat? Yes you are, yes you are!) but my smile quickly turned to a curious frown when I noticed a small brown patch protruding from underneath her stomach. Sure enough, Baby had done a rather large poo and was having a lovely swim in it. All I could muster was a series of:


‘God, crap… shit!’

‘Eee, look out!’

‘No, no, no, don’t put your hand there!’

As I tried to rescue Baby from the sliding mess underneath her. She slapped her thighs with glee, hands, feet, legs and stomach all a warm shade of slimy brown. It was the best fun she has ever had.

Once that was cleaned up and Baby was back in bed, I cleaned my teeth – washing away Prince Charming’s toothpaste scum in the sink from an hour or so earlier (sorry Prince Charming, I really do love you).

This afternoon I had one of the rabbits in the bathroom, inspecting a suspicious looking skin infection, Prince Charming (who had very big glands on Monday) had Baby sneezing on his hip while the dog proceeded to vomit all over the lounge room floor.

Since then, the spew has been mopped up (I have to give PC the credit for that), Baby’s nose wiped, the dog put outside, Prince Charming hugged and the rabbit taken to the vet.

What was I saying yesterday about taking a few deep breaths of reflection before bed?

Tomorrow we’re off to do our tax and talk to Prince Charming’s dad, who happens to be a financial planner, about the crazy budget I set for us at midnight on Friday…


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