Gone are the days when I used to lounge around watching DVDs and feeling sorry for myself when I was sick.

I’m a mother now.

Prince Charming, Baby and I are all sporting sore throats, runny red noses and generally just feeling bleugh. Last night the three of us whinged and moaned our way through the night, all cuddled up together in the big bed blowing our noses. Needless to say, no one has been getting much sleep, least of all, me!

We’re out of honey so this morning I wasn’t able to have my trusty sore throat remedy from our wonderful naturopath friend SA: 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp apple cider vinegar and finely crushed garlic. It’s a heart starter, but worth every wince. Instead, I had to make up my own morning potion to get the day started: orange, lemon, strawberries, blueberries, ginger, garlic, garlic, garlic, and some more garlic. I highly recommend that no one come in a 10-20 metre radius of me for at least a week! Sorry Baby, you don’t have a choice!

Once the potion was gulped down I felt a lot better. Unfortunately it didn’t last but it was something. On with the rest  of the day! Considering we had to miss walking group this morning, as well as meeting our friend and her new baby for lunch, Baby and I were both feeling suitably sorry for ourselves. We had a chat and decided there was only one remedy for this, magic potions were just not going to do the trick. It was time for… Crafternoon!

We clapped our hands together in glee.

After all Baby’s enthusiasm she promptly fell asleep and left me to it. Without her guidance I flicked through the Winter edition of Barefoot Magazine (a fabulous publication that I have just recently discovered) and found on their crafts page a mobile that I knew Baby would just love! I had absolutely none of the necessary materials aside from glue and a stick, so I had to make do.

When Baby finally woke up I presented her with the finished product. She was thrilled!

So thank you Barefoot for making our afternoon bareable 🙂

Those of you who read my last post will also be glad to know that due to my runny nose I won’t be heading out for a jog tonight, so the wee update will have to wait for another time.


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